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The brewery fermenterie L'Annexe is the work of two passionate friends who are interested in older recipes and offer funky fermented drinks!


Belgobon offers carefully selected local products, prepared with passion for an incredible
culinary experience !


BIGH is an aquaponics farm with the objective of rethinking food production

brasserie de la senne

The brewery la senne offers characterful beers made in a completely natural way!

brussels beer project

Brussels beer project is at the forefront of the craft beer movement in Belgium! Their mission? to awaken Belgian beer!


L’ermitage highlights an exploration of taste by offering unique, creative and daring beers!

fruit collect

FruitCollect fights against food waste by collecting not-consumed fruit in private gardens and redistributing them to social organizations!


Generous is an artisanal biscuit factory offering a range of gluten-free, organic and gourmet products!

gin in the box

Each month, gin in the box offers a handcrafted gin not available in the classic distribution, as well as a surprise treat..

mi joya

Mi Joya offers handmade belgian products made by a Belgian chocolate and ice cream maker with a passion for Mexico and chocolate.


Nao offers a organic and home-made chocolate, While highlighting the natural aroma of the ingredients and the authenticity of the flavors!


Papabubble brussels offers a traditional,

high quality and handmade confectionery

by offering personalized candies 


Racine Spirits offers an organic gin distilled in the pure traditions of gin. Their ambition? to develop a range of artisanal spirits respecting the environment!


The source is an artisanal and creative microbrewery whose particularity is the variety of production! There is no lack of choice!