Full experience
  • Full experience

    The tasting experience that combines our trio of healthy crackers, delicious tapenades and tasty Belgian beers! The ideal gift for an aperitif to enjoy with friends, family and colleagues!

    • INCLUED :

      • 1 BLACK Pairing (1 Grilled Onion crackers pack + 1 caramelized onion dip + 2 Beers La Noire du Midi from l'Ermitage)

      • 1 YELLOW Beerfood Pairing (1 Mustard & Rosemary crackers pack + 1 Carrot & tarragon dip béarnaise style + 2 Beers L'Epervier from La source)

      • 1 RED Beerfood Pairing (1 Red Beet & Fennel crackers pack + 1 Beetroot & Candied Lemon dip + 2 Beers Bruxellensis from La Senne)


      The Full Experience Beerfood Pairing is the ultimate all-inclusive pairing experience that combines our delicious crackers, dips and beers.

      The dips are made with passion by a Belgian caterer and the selected beers are from the best Belgian / World / Universe micro-breweries.

      This all-inclusive pack is the result of the collaboration of experts in various domains (nutritionist, chefs, bakers, brewers, caterers, zytholog) to lift the apéro to the next level.