Avec le soutien de — met de steun van 

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© 2017 Barbarossa  X  Studio Marsel Stoopen

Illustrations by Gaëlle Sutour

A co-creation between

Panier Apero Beerfood


Discover the ultimate combo for an unforgettable tasting experience! 

    • 3 packs of our Beerfood crackers (smoked onion + mustard & rosemary + red beet & fennel)
    • 1 Babylone Beer (the first beer brewed with recycled bread!)
    • 1 Amarilis Ginger Beer (organic spicy drink that combines the sharpness of ginger with a smooth mix of spices)
    • 1 delicious Green Pesto (from a Brussels based aquaponic farm) to dip our crackers into for an explosion of flavors!


    • All wraped up in a stylish Beerfood bulk bag! (with black or red logo depending on availability)