Yellow Pairing

Yellow Pairing

It's happy hour! Try the combination of our mustard & rosemary Beerfood crackers with an Carrots & tarragon  dip and Belgian beers with citrus flavour.


    • 1 Pack of our mustard & rosemary Beerfood crackers 75Gr;

    • 2 Beers L'épervier from La Source 33Cl;

    • 1 Carrots & tarragon dip béarnaise style made by the caterer Belgobon 90Gr;

    • 1 Beerfood bulk bag;


    The YELLOW Pairing is one of our pairing experiences, combining our delicious Mustard & Rosemary crackers, a carrot and taragon béarnaise and 2 tropical-flavoured hopped beers.

    The dip is made with passion by a Belgian caterer and the selected beers are from one of the best Belgian / World / Universe micro-brewery.

    This pack is the result of the collaboration of experts in various domains (nutritionist, chefs, bakers, brewers, caterers, zytholog) to lift the apéro to the next level.